The Wakefield Booster Club supports all student
extra-curricular activities at Wakefield High School. We
raise money to support the full range of student
activities: Athletics, Technology Fair, Student Government
Association, music and the arts and numerous other
student interest groups and clubs.  We raise money
through various means:
Spirit Wear
Concession Sales during Football and Basketball Season
Wakefield H.S. Booster Annual Golf Tournament
Wakefield Spirit Wear  Boosters has a wide variety of
apparel, long and short sleeve T-shirts, sweat shirts,
sweat pants, flannel pants and boxers, polo shirts, hats,
and even a Wakefield 4 GB flash drive. The following
pages have pictures of the merchandise we have available
and an order form.
Concession Stand  Booster Concession Sales are over for
this school year. Thank you to the following groups for
their volunteer efforts this football and basketball
season:  Boys' Lacrosse, Baseball, Class of 2012, Club
Africa, PTA, Model UN, WMPA, Volleyball, Girls'
Lacrosse, Latinas Leading Tomorrow, Softball, Girls'
Basketball and Gymnastics. Each group earned a monetary
contribution towards their fundraising efforts.
Wakefield High School
Wakefield Annual Golf Tournament  Go to the following website
for tournament information:
4901 South Chesterfield Road
Arlington, VA 22206
Glenn, Alex, Madee, Claire,
Amanda, Maria Helena (back row)
Isa, Sarah, Crystal, Krystal,
Bridget (seated)
The Wakefield Boosters want to
thank members of the Wakefield
Softball and Baseball teams for
modeling our merchandise.
Kyrstal, Isa, Madee, Alex, Glenn, Sarah, Claire, Crystal, Bridget and Amanda
Madee, Alex, Glenn, Sarah (bottom row)
Crystal, Claire, Isa (top row)
Krystal, Mari
a Helena, Amanda (standing)
Crystal, Maria Helena and Sarah
Bridget, Isa, Niya, Krystal, Crystal and Claire
Niya and Krystal.
Krystal (front)
Madee, Alex, Glenn and Sara
(bottom row)
Crystal, Claire and Isa (middle row)
a Helena and Amanda (top row)
Madee, Niya, Maria Helena, Krystal, Crystal and Claire (standing)
Bridget, Isa, Jazmin, Sarah and Amanda (sitting)